beach house // "myth"

by jared silva

Beach House are one of the few bands whose name fits perfectly as a descriptor of what they sound like: its relaxing syths, sunny guitars, dreamy atmosphere, and mesmerizing vocals (courtesy of lead singer Victoria Legrand) set the mood for a tropical vacation away from the real world. All you need is a hammock tied to two palm trees and a cool breeze to make it perfect. Their 2010 album Teen Dream (not to be confused with 2010′s Teenage Dream, Katy Perry’s mega-popular album) was their third LP and the first one to be nearly flawless for being the ideal culmination of those descriptors. A couple weeks ago, the Baltimore duo dropped what is presumably their first single from their next album Bloom, “Myth,” which doesn’t miss a beat for what Beach House are known for musically.

“If you built yourself a myth / Just know what to get / What comes after this / Momentary bliss?” sings Legrand behind the lush echoing guitar of Alex Scally. And momentary bliss perfectly encapsulates just how to feel when this song plays. The dream pop soundscape appears to be so grandiose, even for this duo, but they pull it off with ease. Legrand sounds as good as ever and the instrumentation is superb, maybe even better than songs from their last album. If the rest of this album, coming out on 5/15, sounds this good, expect to hear another successful hit record from Beach House.


Bloom is set to release on 5/15 via Sub Pop.

Listen to more from Beach House, via Spotify.